Pete Felton

Pete Felton Live Studio Session

In this session, we introduce Pete Felton live in the studio performing his original song “Hollow“.

Pete Felton is an acoustic singer-songwriter from the Solihull area. We met him a few weeks ago when he came to us with a project. But first, we should tell you some of Pete’s story.

Where it all started

In his late teens, he battled with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. But, with help and support, by his early 20’s he had thankfully begun to recover. Pete’s always used music as a way to find some inner peace and as an outlet for his emotions. After facing his demons he picked up the guitar again and started writing.

However, Pete’s hardships weren’t over.

The battle had just begun

In early 2017 he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called ‘Synovial Sarcoma’ in his left foot. Being unaware of his condition, his cancer had become too severe and the best prognosis was to amputate his foot. Reflecting upon his situation after undergoing a below the knee amputation he said: “I’ve been playing guitar and singing for almost 15 years and it’s taken a tragedy for me to really starting writing music with earnest.”

New beginnings

Pete came to us after he set up a crowdfunding page to record an E.P. of his music to raise money for three charities that have helped support him throughout his difficulties.

We are very excited to announce that we will be helping him record and produce his E.P. and will also be launching his music through dAudio Records on the 27th of January 2018. You can watch his live studio session below now and make sure to stick around for his interview at the end.

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