More Than A Side Piece…

An up and coming singer, songwriter, producer and performer from Birmingham UK. Naomi Dawes crafts a unique indie pop sound with brooding vocals and can woo audiences with her sultry voice.

The Early Years

Having an artistic flair since the age of thirteen when she started writing songs, Naomi began performing at only sixteen years old. After spending a few years performing in bands, she finally launched her solo career in 2017.

Finding Her Muse

Honing her craft even further, she spent 2018 recording, producing, and mixing her debut EP ‘Muse’. She launched ‘Muse’ early in 2019 and since then has played on the main stages at festivals, at live shows such as iluvlive, the BMA’s Networking Event, and Fresh Fridays at Birmingham Hippodrome.

More Than Just Music

Also keen advocate for women’s rights, Naomi Dawes has performed at a charity football match in support of Safe Gigs For Women, and is working with artist Caitlin Doherty on a project about female empowerment.

Part Of The Birmingham Music Scene

Her latest single, featuring close friend and fellow Birmingham native Mayday, is some of her best work to date. Having a very current vibe with pounding 808s and sharp, cutting vocals; her chorus hooks can’t help but draw you into the song. Mayday’s well-versed bars are delivered in outstanding fashion as usual and provide a great contrast to Naomi’s brooding sound.

Naomi Dawes is definitely an artist to keep an eye on! We love her sound and can’t wait to hear what she does in 2020.

CLICK HERE to listen to ‘Side Piece’ available on all major music platforms now.

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