Birmingham Is Ready To Burst…

Birmingham’s Bustling Underground Scene Is Ready To Burst…

Last night I headed down to a familiar venue in Birmingham. I’ve had the pleasure of performing here before; many years ago. The Sunflower lounge, situated in the centre of the city’s hustle and bustle. This great venue has always been an underground club that supports the local scene.

(Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham)

My memories of the Sunflower lounge were back in the late 2000’s when bands were the big thing. But this night, the room was throbbing with the sound of pounding 808’s and lyrical rhymes.

(Dyrti San & Me)

I’m here for a local networking event and urban music night hosted by DJ Biggoss. “Konnected” is an event to meet Birmingham’s freshest talent and industry movers.

There was a great mix of people from many backgrounds. After some mingling, the night began with a talk panel. The panel included Dj Biggoss, Miss C Brown from TapesUK, DTML Records, and artist TT. They discussed some interesting topics from within the industry. Each gave their view and highlighted that Birmingham was full to the brim with talent.


I also think the music industry is going through some massive shifts. With the right infrastructure, Birmingham could be making a much bigger impact. Artists finally have the opportunity to make a difference in the UK (and global) music scene. With the right strategy, any artist can do what the major labels are doing. You have to be clever with your investments and build a team around you to help grow your career.

Making music and the music business are two separate beasts. Both should have different approaches and goals. Especially if you want to be a successful artist with a sustainable career.

(Joey Brix)

After the talk, we heard performances from some incredible up and coming artists. Mayday opened with a strong performance and set the vibe for the night. Following up, performances from Joey Brix and Wxyne kept the crowd going. Next, Dyrti San played a short and sweet set that had the crowd moving and singing along. Finally, the night wrapped up with a high energy performance from TT X Raph.

(Dyrti San)

(TT X Raph)

Big thanks to the students at ACM for oganising Konnected. If you’re an independent artist in Birmingham I’d recommend getting yourself out to the next one.

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